The 4 Pillars of Health Stack

The 4 Pillars of Health

The Four Pillars are designed to help support your body when it needs it the most.

Stacking The Four Pillars together as a daily support foundation, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and diet provides the tools for optimum health and function. By combining the four, you are covering:

Pillar 1. Gutright – GutRight is simply supporting the balance we once enjoyed when we ate a more natural diet. Just as we may supplement our diet to replace the deficient micronutrients with a multi formulation, or take extra fibre or supplement with oils; we can “spike” our diet with modbiotic compounds found in GutRight.  Find out more on Gutright here.

Pillar 2. Multifood – Multifood delivers important micronutrients from whole food sources. A very simple concept that could benefit many, but is often used by only those in the know. It is a combination of foods that have been grown really well by some very clever farmers, processed to preserve nutrients, tested to make sure it contains the nutrients and then put into an easy to use serve to make it easier for you to measure and take.  Find out more on Multifood here.

Pillar 3. Resilience – This is the proverbial teaspoon of concrete you may want every day to toughen the fluffy-puppy up!.  Find out more on Resilience here.

Pillar 4. Aurum Oil – Aurum Oil is a natural and unique plant-based oil Supplement, that’s right 100% vegan-friendly omegas. Find out more on Aurum Oil Here.