Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing

Are you hoping to see your grandkids grow up, live healthy long enough to take that long awaited touring holiday or do you just want to get into retirement in great shape? Great! I’m pleased to advise that you have greater control over your longevity than you might think.

Our habits and environment have a huge influence on how we feel and look throughout our life. If like me, your goal is to age with grace, strength and an optimistic outlook for the future to enjoy a life filled with family, friends and laughter, rather than loneliness and a medicine cabinet stuffed with pill bottles, read on.

I can help you to maintain your energy, stamina and protect your brain as you age. Lose-it-or-lose-it applies to keeping your brain nimble and fit.

We can target optimal brain health through improved nutrition, keeping your stress in check via meditation and simple breathing techniques and the power of intermittent fasting to help rid our cell’s of waste and promote longevity.

As we age, energy needs decrease but nutrition needs increase. From the age of 20 our bodies produce 1% less collagen each year. As a result, our skin becomes thinner, loses its elasticity and eventually develops wrinkles. We will explore several ways to build and maintain your collagen so that your skin continues to look amazing, far into the future.

Chronic, long-term inflammation can simply simmer in the background, over years and decades, as very small amounts of damage accumulate. Inflammation is at the foundation of all chronic disease and can be managed through optimal nutrition, sleep, good gut health and regular movement. Strong social connections increase your chance of living a long, healthy, life and are just as important as diet and exercises. A sense of belonging sends feel good hormones surging through our bloodstream and brain helps us live longer. We need to get offline and make the effort to catch up with friends regularly.

I’m here to help improve your healthspan, not just your lifespan. To live a high quality life for as long as possible – to travel, to run around with our grandchildren without aches and pains and to enjoy life feeling really good in your body and mind.

Modern medicine has enabled many of us to live longer lives, however, for me, I don’t just want to live longer, I want to live well.

The sooner you begin the better.