Lunch Room Hacks

These fun and empowering workshops break down the barrier between ‘time poor’ and creating nourishing meals. Employees will leave full of inspiration to replicate easy recipe ideas in the workplace or at home.

Employees will learn how to make delicious food that’s easy to prepare, nutrient dense and provides the foundation for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  The benefits of eating this way include: reduced sugar cravings, better cognitive function, natural weight loss, increased satisfaction, hormone regulation and increased vitality.

Workshops will include delicious dishes that incorporate foods that help attendees be in their best physical, mental and emotional shape.

On average, we consume 60% of our food at work and our choices can make or break whether we experience a high energy day.

A nutritional well-being program from Endless Vitality can result in greater staff retention,  improved health and higher levels of engagement from your key people.

Lunch Room Hacks Package Includes:

COST: Prices vary depending on number of participants and workshop criteria

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