Live Happy

Many studies show that the benefits of having healthy, happy employees translates directly to bottom line, in reduced absenteeism, lower staff turnover (and the associated costs) and higher productivity.

Improving the mental health of employees has great benefits that translate to better communication and a more colleagueal and co-operative team.

Live Happy take a holistic approach to addressing psychological wellbeing. Live Happy creates and delivers workshops encompassing a 360 degree approach to combat stress, enhance health and optimise wellbeing.

The workshops integrate psychological, physiological and nutritional advice to address all aspects of physical, emotional and mental health. Our mission at Live Happy is to ensure organisations are building strong foundations and investing in the wellbeing and development of their people to enable sustainable high performance and the ability to deliver on business strategy.

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Live Happy Package Includes:

Live Happy programs are tailored to each organisation to suit the specific circumstances of the business ie. the nature of the industry, location, resources etc., and the requirements of the employees.

The first step is an exploratory professional evaluation of the health and wellness of the humanity within the business and the environment in which they work. Consultation with management follows and a range of recommendations are provided where improvement is recognised as being needed.

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