Hour of Power

Hour of Power

How many people in your organisation lack energy, are taking cholesterol lowering medication, blood pressure medication, sleeping pills, are battling weight or even worse, have a cardio vascular or cancer diagnosis?

Endless Vitality  provides preventative nutritional advice for busy, mentally active executives.  Invest 60 or 90 minutes with us in your boardroom and see how to make living well simple.

Our interactive and engaging workshops cover key health and wellness topics. Specifically created to provide vital, evidence-based information, employees can pop in on their lunch break and learn how to boost cognitive function, productivity and success through simple changes that make good nutrition easy.

Tailor make your workshop to suit your employees, key topics can include:

  • How to eat for brain power
  • Healthy gut, healthy body, healthy mind
  • Sleep, the essential ingredient
  • Happiness hacks for super busy people
  • Free yourself from stress and anxiety

Lunch and learns are bespoke and provide practical strategies to empower employees to lead a healthy and energetic lifestyle.