Corporate Clinics

Corporate Clinics

Vitality, energy and productivity – it’s all about your food

Healthy eating consultations offer the opportunity for employees to speak one on one and receive practical, personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice.  Employees with poor overall health status take up to nine times more sick leave than their healthy colleagues and healthy employees are nearly three times more productive than employees with poor health, according to Medibank Private (2005)

40%-50% of Australians have multiple health risks for preventable chronic diseases. Chronic disease is the prime cause of lost work time.  These risks relate to diet, inactivity, stress and sleep. (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2014). Australia’s Health 2014)

Let Tara plan an ideal ‘day in the life’ of your employees.  She will formulate a daily eating, drinking, sleeping and wellbeing plan with simple tips that have high impact. Shift your team’s energy, brain power, clarity, productivity and mental and physical health one small change at at time.

What is measured is managed

Endless Vitality offer health assessments onsite, making it convenient for your employees to access vital information regarding their well-being.  Data is collated instantly and discussed with each individual.

Health assessments include a biometric impedance analysis which calculates:

  • body fat as a total and percentage
  • visceral fat ratio (around your organs)
  • hydration levels
  • bone density levels
  • muscle imbalances
  • basal metabolic rate (BMR)

It is recommended to carry out a full health check on a yearly basis.