Single Consultation

Personalised Health Consultations For High Performance Individuals

The Endless Vitality single consultations are designed for people who want a professional evaluation of their overall wellbeing and the factors impacting their health.

In this one-hour consultation, we seek to identify problems issues and potential causes as they relate to dietary and lifestyle choices.  Laboratory testing may be recommended or desired.

The end result is a personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations suited to your unique biology and health goals.


Single Consultation Package Includes:

  • A one hour consultation online or in the Studio
  • Comprehensive health assessment
  • Assist in identifying and setting health goals
  • Personalised diet, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations
  • Practical guidance on tactics to motivate and create new health habits

Wanting to make changes but unsure where to begin?  A single consultation will help identify your key health concern so we can formulate a simple action plan, designed for busy people.  Weight management is one of the most common conditions people experience, or it may be that you are struggling with fatigue, fading eye sight, hair loss or changes in virility.  Let’s explore natural solutions that will have you looking better, feeling leaner and more energetic, so you can live life well.




Additional Information

  • Nutritional products and testing are at an additional cost. These costs and benefits will be discussed prior to undertaking.
  • Endless Vitality Programs and testing are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure. Insights gained into your health through our testing methods are designed to measure for normal function to support health only.
  • Endless Vitality is not a designated company by insurance providers and as our services are currently considered outside the usual model of healthcare insurance, at this time reimbursements will not be supported


For full details please see the Endless Vitality Programme Terms & Conditions