Kick Start Your
Endless Vitality

Experience the benefits of health coaching with realistic ways to make lifestyle changes that will deliver endless vitality.

Are you looking to experience the benefits of health coaching with dietary guidance and practical, realistic ways to make lifestyle changes that will set you on the path to endless vitality?

Our 12 Week Kick-starter package is designed to empower the individual with a personalised programme and ongoing support to help maintain commitment and results.


The Endless Vitality Kickstarter Package Includes:

  • A one-hour initial consultation reviewing your health history and program planning
  • Personalised diet, lifestyle and nutrition plan and coaching
  • Personalised nutritional product, recipe and ingredient recommendations (products purchased at additional cost)
  • Access to comprehensive laboratory tests where required or desired (testing at additional cost)
  • Access to Endless Vitality educational content and resources
  • 5 x 60 minute follow-up consultations held every 2 weeks, either in person or via Skype


COST: $900 (May Be Paid In Instalments)


Additional Information

  • Nutritional products and testing are at an additional cost. These costs and benefits will be discussed prior to undertaking.
  • Endless Vitality Programs and testing are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure. Insights gained into your health through our testing methods are designed to measure for normal function to support health only.
  • Endless Vitality is not a designated company by insurance providers and as our services are currently considered outside the usual model of healthcare insurance, at this time reimbursements will not be supported.

For full details please see the Endless Vitality Programme Terms & Conditions