Don’t Guess – Test

Let’s Get To The Bottom Of The Issue

There’s a lot of chatter about the influence of our genetic makeup and its effect on our ‘pre-determined’ health outlook.

While we might inherit a predisposition to a particular condition through our genes, our genes do not entirely determine our destiny. They may load the gun, but it is your dietary and lifestyle choices that pull the trigger.

Some types of biological testing may help determine a personalised approach that can improve the results of treatment and your own efforts to improve your health.

My treatment plans are tailored to the individual, taking a whole-body, 360-degree view of your health. I might recommend cutting-edge laboratory testing as part of a therapeutic protocol to treat stress, fatigue, weight management, hormonal imbalances, sleep issues, or to support digestion.

I use Australia’s leading functional health and wellbeing pathology testing facility.  I liaise and work alongside medical specialists within their fields regarding more complex cases to ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome.

Testing can help us understand your body’s ability to metabolise protein, fat, carbohydrates and any greater requirement for specific vitamins and minerals.  Understanding your genes can help you balance your hormones, boost your energy and determine the best type of exercise for you.

A whole-body approach combines nutrition, lifestyle and supplements in a tailored plan, designed just for you.  Experience real results.

Here is a sample of our most frequently requested tests:

Stress Test

Constantly functioning under an enormous amount of stress takes a toll on us physically and mentally. Adrenal fatigue might be the cause of your symptoms.

Your Gut Is Vital

Our gut has been identified as the key organ in the body controlling the complex dance that is our metabolism giving it the potential to significantly affect our overall health.

When Quality Sleep Is Just A Sweet Dream

Having trouble getting quality sleep? You might find your levels of cortisol, melatonin and other hormones provide an explanation.

A Test To Define Your Ideal Eating Plan

The Healthy Weight DNA Profile is a comprehensive genetic test that provides information on your unique biology to inform a genetically matched diet.

Hormones Need Balance

This comprehensive assessment looks at the vital sex and adrenal hormones to determine if treatment is required to restore balance and achieve overall wellness.

What Is Your Immune System Telling You?

This diagnostic system detects changes in your immune cells in response to exposure to offending foods, chemicals, additives, herbs and moulds.