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Are You Wrestling – With Stubborn Fat?

Are you trying to lose weight that just won’t budge, struggling to understand why those kilos are so stubbornly attached to your body? You’re not alone and don’t feel bad because there are potentially many factors working against your best efforts to lose weight that you’re just not aware of.

I know how complicated weight loss can be, so it’s not just as simple as exercise more and don’t eat so much. The many interloping factors that affect the net result of your efforts include sleep, stress, hormones, nutrition, exercise, gut health, your environment and your relationships.

Each of those factors is unique to your particular biology, lifestyle and circumstances. That’s what can make it so difficult. That’s why what works for one may not work for another. We can celebrate your body as a unique and complex miracle of biology with a symphony of elements working together –  or not., but a critical factor to weight loss success is forming new, healthier habits.

Help Is Here

With my guidance and support you can start to develop new habits, such as meal planning, regular exercise and getting good quality sleep, it becomes easier to lose body fat and keep it off in the long term.

I’ll help you break the cycle of binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, and addiction to sugar and bad carbs. I have a solution. I work with you to uncover your particular biological needs that will lead to targeted results through improvements in sleep, stress management, hormonal balance, nutrition, exercise, gut health, your environment and your emotional wellbeing.

Information As A Fat Buster

Gym sessions are great but you can’t outrun your fork! Another key to fat loss is eating gut-friendly foods. Inflammation of the gut lining can prevent nutrient absorption, which can make you hungrier, knocking your hormones out of whack and encouraging fat storage. Healing your gut is a great way of knocking those cravings for six.

Your weekly fat loss begins at the time you’re at the supermarket, because good food choices will determine how well you set yourself up for the week ahead. When you know what to buy, and how to cook whole, real satisfying food, diet stops being a ugly four letter word and becomes a enjoyable way of life.

Navigating today’s food production and marketing requires education that will empower you to achieve sustainable, long-term fat loss. Understanding what you’re eating and how your body responds to what’s in the food you eat will help you avoid foods and substances that are toxic to you and integrate good habits. A bit of planning goes a long way in supporting your willpower.

Stress Effect – Living with excessive stress and high cortisol levels negatively affects your waistline. Even if you hit the gym regularly and eat super healthily, stress can still run rampant in your system. I help my clients learn new skills to manage their response to stress, and really just let it go.

Better Not Faster – Our metabolism slows as we age, but do we want a faster metabolism or a well running metabolism? If you think of your metabolism as your engine, we want an engine that is very efficient, works well, can easily burn off fat for fuel and provides great sustained energy.

Tolerance Testing – Many of us have lost touch with our body and how it reacts to certain foods. We are all individual and our genetics predetermine which foods our body loves. Developing a patient-specific weight management plan based on DNA testing is one strategy we can utilise for optimal, sustained results.

Sleep Your Way To Weight Loss – Sounds like the ideal weight loss strategy to me, but in reality you literally can lose weight in your sleep through intermittent fasting, more importantly you can avoid adding the weight that sleep deprivation invites. Lack of sleep is the most overlooked cause of belly fat. When you are sleep deprived it’s easy to grab a large latte, skip the exercise and reach for a high carb, sugary snack. A sleepy brain craves junk food and lacks the impulse control to say no and stimulates hormones that make you eat more.

With so many factors at play, we each need an individual nutrition and lifestyle prescription to achieve a healthy body and mind.

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