Are Foods Making You Sick?

Are Foods Making You Sick?


Intolerances and sensitivities to foods, food additives, food chemicals, environmental chemicals and herbs/dietary supplements and moulds can cause a wide range of symptoms and disorders.

Symptoms can be as mild as bloating or as severe as anaphylaxis. These may include stomach pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, rashes, hives or headaches.

The diagnostic system detects changes in both the size and number of white blood cells in response to exposure to offending foods and chemicals. An advantage of this system is that it uses whole and live blood, which contains all of the immune factors, cells and serum proteins that might be involved in an adverse reaction to a food or chemical.

Test Details: 

Hidden Food Intolerance Tests – Blood Test

Turn Around Time:  3-5 Business Days

Conditions caused or exacerbated by adverse food reactions include asthma, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), migraine and skin rashes.  Other more non-specific symptoms attributed to food sensitivities are fatigue, headaches, difficultly losing weight, food addictions and difficulty concentrating.

The offending substances that cause these delayed reactions are often hard to diagnose because of the time between consumption and a physical reaction. This comprehensive testing is a useful tool for detecting any foods and chemicals causing responses in your body.

Results from undertaking these tests provide an easy, precise and effective starting point for dietary and lifestyle changes.  There are a number of different tests that fall into this category, ranging from testing the top 100 foods you regularly consume through to the top 500.  Gluten, dairy and eggs or common offenders.