Tara Doherty is dedicated to helping others achieve Endless Vitality so they can live life well in a healthy body driven by a happy mind.

Tara is dedicated to helping others achieve the health and fitness she has lived all her life. She’s a living example of the Endless Vitality can deliver when we make practical, sustainable and positive dietary changes.

As a qualified Integrative Nutritionist, graduate of The Science Of Happiness program at Berkley University, California, herbalist and yoga instructor, Tara’s natural health solutions revolve around a truly holistic philosophy to wellbeing.

A specialist in gut health, and the interconnected role food plays in managing physical and mental health. By applying her extensive knowledge of nutrition and wellbeing to your specific biology and life circumstances, she creates personalised treatment programs targeting nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction techniques tailored to each client.

As a wife, mother to three athletic teenagers and a business owner, Tara is no stranger to the challenges of achieving balance and a healthy lifestyle. She understands what it means to juggle the demands of family, professional athletic training and the commercial world, especially for those in executive management.

It’s this pairing of her understanding of commercial reality and her professional knowledge of healthy living, that makes Tara the ideal partner for high performance individuals.

Whether it’s a program or a single consultation that suits your needs, you’ll get the education and tools you need to better your performance with improved energy, virility, digestion, sleep, immune function, hormonal balance or weight management.

If required Tara uses advanced diagnostic testing to dive deep into your digestive function, metabolism, hormones and genetics, to get to the root cause of health issues, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Tara’s qualifications

  • Integrative Nutrition, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition New York
  • Food and Mood: Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition, Deakin University
  • The Science of Happiness Certification, Berkley University California
  • Master Herbalist Diploma
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Power Living
  • Diploma in Meditation
  • Member International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

Ask Tara to create a simple and supportive program to create the life altering change you're looking for.

Personalised Health Consultations

For High Performance Individuals

For High Performance Individuals

What's Your Health Concern?

A Healthy Gut

Your digestive system and gut bacteria affect every area of your wellbeing. An unhealthy gut says a lot, what’s your gut trying to tell you?

Stress Makes a Mess

You can’t control the world, but you can control how you respond to it. When we deactivate our “fight of flight” mode, we take back control.

Better Weight Management

Take action to alleviate pain and illness from your life. Choose holistic solutions to improve joint mobility, heart health, sleep quality and weight management

Healthy Ageing

The secret to your weight-loss could be hidden in your DNA or your lifestyle choices. Explore the opportunity to manage your weight through a bio-individual approach.

My clients would like you to know

“I visited Tara on the advice of my Hip Surgeon, as I had been suffering from pain in my buttocks and groin for months and physiotherapy was having no impact. The pain was keeping me awake at night, preventing me being active but more importantly made me feel old.

At first I was very skeptical, however much to my amazement, by day six the pain was greatly reduced and I started to not even think about it. Thanks to Tara, I have begun to look at health in a more holistic way.”
Liz M.
“Tara’s response to my diagnosis of breast cancer diagnosis was immediate and formidable. Armed with a boot full of books, DVDs and electronic resources, we spent two days work-shopping, documenting and beginning to implement every reported natural remedy to compromise tumour growth, prevent recurrence and promote immune recovery. Now 5 years post diagnosis, I am happily living cancer free and continue to practice the nutritional and lifestyle changes Tara recommended. I feel very grateful to have had her advice at that stressful and critical time.

Tara’s passion is health and well-being. She is extremely hard-working, caring and leads by example. I highly recommend her as a health coach who has found her calling.”
Priscilla B.
“Tara has worked with our elite athletes at Point Leo SLSC over the past 5 years. She has been involved formulating nutritionally appropriate meal plans for our Australian Surf Lifesaving Championship team and preparing food for many of our Club training camps.

She designed an interactive and educational workshop on sugar during our recent camp in Queensland. This has lead to sustained positive behavioural change in our athletes around diet and wellbeing. Tara has also lead team building activities on multiple occasions and is a warm and engaging facilitator.”
Jon Ford – Head Coach Point Leo Surf Lifesaving Club
“I have stuck to the 10 day gut healing protocol and have lost all sugar cravings, a heap of weight and am no longer waking at 2.38am every night. The family have also really liked the new recipes.”
Suzie W.
“Thank you so much for the cooking workshop last night. I feel thoroughly inspired and learnt how easy it is to cook up delicious nutritious food. Get me in the kitchen!”
Rebecca S.